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Language teacher, journalist

Fogl Balazs



Mr Balázs Fogl has been teacher of English as a foreign language since 1998. He also worked as a deputy headmaster. His methodology and philosophy includes teaching English through English, the multicultural viewpoint and CALL (Computer Assisted Language Learning). He has organized and managed English language summer camps in Hungary and guided numerous groups in the United Kingdom. In 2019, he published Great Britannia – A cultural backstage reader, a book based on British culture and traditions of past and present. ‘GR8’ has been a registered trademark since then, while the book can be found at the University of Oxford. Balázs has been a mentor of teacher trainees while outside EFL teaching, he has been news editor and interpreter at several international sporting events and Venue Press Manager at IHF Youth World Championships 2013 and FINA 2017. Mr Balázs Fogl was nominated and awarded ‘The Most Popular Teacher of the Year’ in 2007, ‘Teacher of the Year, Mihalik Sándor Award’ in 2017, and ‘Achievements in Public Education Award’ in 2021.

The trainer's teacher training courses in Rovinj, 2023:

English for Self-Management
Multicultural viewpoint in the foreign language classroom