Tanártovábbképzés külföldön - pályázattal

Jura Joanna Danuta

I currently teach at the István Tömörkény High School and Secondary Grammar School of Arts and Cratfs.  This year we  applied for Erasmus + grant and I was granted an Erasmus + scholarship to the Edinburgh School of English. I took the CLIL course ( Content and Language Integrated Learning). The course itself lasted a week, from August 5-11. I,however, had the chance to spend 10 days in Edinburgh. The course is designed for non-native teachers of English.

It was organized in sections, there was a morning and an afternoon section and every section dealt with different aspects of teaching and learning English as a foreign language.

We discussed the following aspects: problems and solutions of CLIL environment. We also discussed the use of English and the native language in the classroom. Teaching and activating key vocabulary in a class was also an essential part of the training. We discussed the importance of analysing and planning the different components of a lesson,why it is important to specific teach vocabulary and its pronunciation.We covered the  construction of  speaking activities., using different warmers for different age groups. We also talked about giving accurate instructions and corrections during classes.

The job-related skills that I acquired are: how to help students understand texts better,what are the different ways of  helping students understand texts, spoken English. Using native links, webpages for planning the lessons were also of utmost importance.

The most important issue, however, was how to get students to think rather than just receive ready-made answers. We were shown methods regarding how to work on students' cognition, methods for recycling vocabulary and improving text-related competence were also discussed.

I have also gained new computer skills: I am able to use online materials for extending vocabulary and constructing revision exercises, sourcing, am able to further develop and adapt native materials.

This time in Edinburgh is the time of the Fringe, the Summer Festival, I had the chance to see buskers in the street, attend concerts, see a Storytelling performance at the Storytelling Centre and participate in many more programs within the Fringe. These performances enabled me to get to know people,listen to Scottish legends,stories,hear Scottish music,see Scottish dances, admire Scottish art at the National Museum of Edinburgh.

I also saw the exhibition of the old and new Edinburgh, a fascinating collection of photos.

I became more open-minden,acquired deeper knowledge and understanding of the Scottish roots, which I will be able to use in my teaching.

However, the most exciting experience was that I learned different phrases, expressions,vocabulary which is typical of the Scotts.( wee people,selkies, kelpies etc).

I am very thankful to the Erasmus + office and its people for this unique experience.

Thank you Krisztina and Anita.