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Elemek megjelenítése címkék szerint: Integration and Multiculturalism

péntek, 17 augusztus 2018 07:54

Integration and Multiculturalism

I, Ilyas Aytar, as a teacher in Orchidea Bilingual School in Budapest, Hungary, attended the Integration and Multiculturality programme within the framework of the KA1 project. The course was held between 22 July 2018 and 28 July 2018 in Split, Croatia. The workshops were led by Ivan Slavić and Vlado Krušić.

The course was held at the Dr. FranjoTudman Student Centre in Split. There were twenty-five teachers from eleven European countries. By means of theoretical lessons and practical workshops, we learned about various ways of using theatre techniques to integrate students from different cultures into the classroom environment.

We learned different games, exercises and techniques to enhance the quality of dialogue, tolerance and cooperation. We learned about different types of conflicts and we tried to identify and understand the relationships between them. We tried to grasp individual and collective feelings and thoughts. We learned about Theatre of the Oppressed which showed us how the theatre became a tool for oppressed people to express themselves and how the same method can be applied to the classroom environment. Using such techniques a teacher can help to the oppressed and introverted students express themselves and to become involved in the class.

The integration and multiculturality programme provided us the opportunity to apply what we have learned in practice with our daily communication with other teachers from all over the Europe. It also contributed to our communication skills in English, particularly in listening and speaking.

Finally, we discussed the significance of values and how important it is to establish cooperation and partnerships, to share examples of efficient practices, and to deepen our understanding of integration and multiculturalism.

The course was quite interesting, as we had a great chance to talk about and exchange the existing practices and experiences all the time, how to solve the problems we face as teachers, and how to negotiate. Therefore, we acquired self-confidence and the ability to act properly and efficiently in a multicultural classroom. We also have greater insight into different education systems.


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